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Holy Shit!

hello, nice to meet you. my name is Tjalie i'm 17 years old and live in Belgium. please let me know who you are ♥

paleskinblackclothes heeft gezegd: Waar woon je ergens in Vlaanderen?


unique-like-no-other heeft gezegd: What is great, I listened to flemish tv before.

really? why would you do that, whe’re you from?

unique-like-no-other heeft gezegd: What region do you live in, flemish or french region.


wdsherrill heeft gezegd: I love that the theme of your blog seems to be "Most anything can be posted... as long as it's black and white." It's something you don't really see and it just makes your blog look classic. Also did you have a nice day? (To throw in a Q.)

This is a really nice compliment thank you sweetheart! And no not really it’s raining all day :(

wickedwickedwonderland heeft gezegd: omg your blog... so perfect *_*

Thank you very much!! 😘❤️

this-is-as-g00d-as-it-gets heeft gezegd: hey, i love your blog its amazing

Thanks darling

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