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Holy Shit!

hello, nice to meet you. my name is Tjalie i'm 16 years old and live in Belgium.
please let me know who you are ♥
"sending your selfies to NASA because you’re a star"
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"I’ve got words on my heart that my mouth can’t speak."

the-meatballs-on-a-bus heeft gezegd: Hi I love your blog And really like it if you followed back😊

thanks sweety i’ll check out your blog :) <3

starfromsky heeft gezegd: Je voulais dire Tumblr excuse moi!

haha pas de probleme! merci beaucoup c’est très gentile de toi :)

starfromsky heeft gezegd: Heyy je suis nouvelle sur Twitter et ton compte m'inspire déjà beaucoup!

sur Twitter? je n’ai pas un account sur Twitter…

"Books, the only place where murder is legal"
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