Holy Shit Get Some Link Effects! Holy Shit!

Holy Shit!

hello, nice to meet you. my name is Tjalie i'm 17 years old and live in Belgium. please let me know who you are ♥

lets-be-psycho heeft gezegd: Happy birthday lovely! Have a wonderful day! x

thanks darling!!!! and i really had a nice day! :) <3

Anoniem heeft gezegd: happy bdaay!!! <3

Thanks sweetheart!! 

Anoniem heeft gezegd: happy birthday for tomorrow my best! <3

aahw thanks!! <3

"And then an overwhelming feeling of nothingness just came over me."

m1l1tarygirl96 heeft gezegd: Holy shit I love your blog! (no pun intended)

Haha thanks girl!!

Anoniem heeft gezegd: Am I strange for crying myself to sleep for this girl that has hurt me so much but who I still love.. :/

no of course not! you’re just a person with a lot of feelings. there should be more boys like you who really care about a girl.. now i’m not saying that it is a good thing to cry yourself to sleep but i mean that you’re a good person and i don’t think you deserve to be this sad.

i really hope you will be happier soon! i’m here for you! 

search-for--happiness heeft gezegd: Absolutely love your blog ❤️

thanks my love 

rockistherealsound heeft gezegd: Hey:) I love your blog! Check mine out?☔️

thanks!! and yes sure :)

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